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How To Determine Whether A Website Is A Fraud

One product that has gained the attention of many parents is mosquito repellent patches that are being sold online. Parents try everything possible to prevent mosquitoes from biting their children particularly since these insects are carriers of diseases. No skin contact is required with the patches and they are suitable for all ages including newborn children.

Most websites that you will encounter online are legitimate but there are also online retailers that do not deliver. Internet fraud has many forms from email phishing to obtain credit card and bank information to tech support scams that may take over the desktop. The common goal of online scams is to extract personal data or money from unsuspecting users.

There are ways to determine whether a website is legitimate. When a website is a secured site, the URL starts with “https.”This means that the site is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates as protection for private data that is travelling from a data server to a web browser.

There are sites that are independently certified as secure and display trustmarks like Norton Secured Seal or McAfee Secure Certification. In China, sites display Internet Content Provider (ICP) license to show that the site is registered with the government and has the permission to operate.

Owners of websites can be identified including their location by going to WHOIS and entering the URL in the search box and clicking on Lookup button. It is easy enough to determine whether the phone number is valid by simply calling the number.

It pays to be alert when shopping online. If the price is too good to be true, it is most likely false. Do not be misled by the number of reviews but pay attention to what customers say about the product. Companies that regularly respond to bad reviews and agree to resolve an issue are making the effort to ensure that their customers are happy.

Little children must always be protected from mosquito bites and other insects and the best protection is provided by mosquito repellent patches that can be placed on clothes, strollers and furniture. The patches are safe to use because they are natural, non-toxic and DEET-free.

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