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How To Legally Use Customer Reviews In Advertisements

Feedback from customers is now being used in advertisements because of their benefits in terms of gaining brand awareness and credibility. However, there are certain advertising rules that you need to be aware of when using user-generated content. Customers own the content and they must give permission for their content to be used.

By obtaining appropriate permission from customers before using their feedback legally you are showing respect and consideration to other users. Meanwhile, any relationship with the endorser must be disclosed properly to ensure that the testimonial is honest and reflects the true experience of the endorser.

Only the endorsements of legitimate users of a product or service can be used in advertisements without any distortions to the endorser’s message. Testimonials must be honest without any misleading or deceptive messages. The fact that the endorser was paid must be disclosed before it is posted as an advertisement.

Customer reviews are convincing and many people can relate to the experiences mentioned in the review. People trust reviews more than the advertisements that have been paid for by the manufacturer. Many purchasing decisions have been influenced by customer reviews because of their honesty and authenticity. This is the reason why customer reviews, testimonials, and endorsements are heavily regulated by commissions in advertising practice.

A digital marketing agency believes that king kong advertising reviews on third-party review platforms are honest and reflect the true experiences of their employees. Their employees have the necessary qualifications to speak about their company because they know what happens behind the scenes. They share their genuine experiences with others to support the company.

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