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Importance Of Trucks To The US Economy

It is common to see large tractor-trailers hauling goods near the borders. Sometimes, what they are carrying is obvious from the signage and logo outside the truck. People often ask what is inside the trucks and how heavy are the goods they are carrying. Where did the goods come from and where is its destination?

According to the US Census Commodity Flow Survey in 2017, trucks have transported 71.6% or $10.4 trillion of the $14.5 trillion of the value of goods that were shipped in the United States. Most of the shipments originated from Texas and California, the leaders in the value of goods shipped in the US. In Texas, the total weight of truck shipments was estimated at nearly a 1.3billion tons while California shipments were second at 580.6 million tons.

Texas leads the nation in other shipment options like rail and pipeline with pipeline accounting for $121 billion of all the total shipping nodes. On the other hand, California leads in other shipping options like a parcel, US Postal Service, or couriers with shipments valued at $350.2 billion.

The largest share of shipments was mixed freight with a value of $1.4 trillion. The largest share of shipments in terms of weight was gravel and crushed stone category with 1.4 billion of the 1.6 billion tons that were shipped through trucks. The destination of most of the shipments are Canada, the number one recipient, and Mexico the number two recipient.

Data from the survey also pointed to the importance of temperature-controlled trucks or refrigerated trucks in the transport of goods that are vital to the economy like produce and meats. Tons of other prepared foodstuffs and fats and oils were shipped through refrigerated trucks. With the growing popularity of online shopping for food and other items, the future of temperature-controlled trucks is expected to change in the future.

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