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Installing Manmade Stairs Using Old Tyres On The Gold Coast

Tom Tate, the Mayor of Gold Coast, wants the Queensland government to help them subsidize half the cost of fixing the city’s dilapidated beaches, with the overall charge approximated at $30-million.

Counselor Tate says that city has not received any help from the state government since. Many of the Gold Coast beaches are still open today, but getting to the waves continues to be difficult. He claims that he will be needing tyres on the Gold Coast to serve as manmade stairs on the beach.

The Gold Coast City Council are now clearing fragments and fixing beach access ways. There are sand cliffs about four meters high lining up on the shore. However, the Counselor admits extensive beach programs will need to wait until the weather clears out, which may happen next month. He claims that the program should cover underground reefs, groynes and dredging, which will likely cost around $30-million to complete.

Counselor Tate says provided the sum of money, the Gold Coast gives to state treasuries. The Queensland government is expected to meet halfway the overall cost. He claims that it will be a waste to fix the beaches until the weather becomes better. The ABC has asked the Environment Minister Andrew Power for comments.

Recycled Tyres

Meanwhile, Counselor Tate says the local counsel is expending around $20000 per day to work on clearing fragments and fixing beach accesses. He has also recycled car tyres on the Gold Coast as a makeshift stair to assist travelers and residents access on the damaged beaches. But he wishes to ensure that the tyres being used are convenient to use.

He says, “They will need technology to make it blend in various colors, like a green color perhaps to look great on the sand.”

“I dislike it to appear like a black recycled tyre, where people can comment that ‘it looks dirty and unpleasing to the eye and we don’t want to walk on it’.”

He claims that it didn’t affect the council’s budget and in fact, it is very environment friendly.

“This is an affordable and durable option that using timber, so it makes sense in terms of cost and longevity,” he said.

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