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Interior Designer Moving Into A New Home Following Redevelopment

Redevelopment is a common occurrence in Seattle and it is the cause why many businesses are forced to move into new locations. This is what is currently happening to the interior design firm that is owned by Michelle Dirkse. Her firm has been in the same building for 3 and half years, the Belltown building, which is now getting a remodeling thus they have to move into a new location. Belltown will lose a good business but Capitol Hill will be gaining a new one. Dirkse’s new offices are located in E Pine.

She says that moving into a new neighborhood means they will have a bigger space and a better location. She also added that she prefers to walk on her way to work thus her decision to transfer to another house from Belltown and she got a new place at Capitol Hill. It was in the middle of June this year that her business has moved into the new office and she had transferred into her new place as well.

The new location proved to be a good choice because there is now bigger space for Dirkse since her business has two major focuses. She is working alongside with other three interior designers who have clients both from residential and commercial sector. They are focused into providing clients a traditional designer firm. It is their job to look for the right pieces for their clients but the firm is proud to share that they are the ones building their own furniture pieces unlike other interior designers who are purchasing from other retailers.

According to Dirkse, they are not just shopping but rather designing as well. She also revealed that they offer various range of services which includes a full remodeling of a space but in cases where bigger projects are involved, they need assistance from contractors as well as engineers. She expressed how people think that interior designers are just responsible of the decors but they play a more extensive role. This is why Interior Design Bangkok (ออกแบบตกแต่งภายใน ในกรุงเทพและ) plays a big role in Bangkok as well as other places all over the globe.

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