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Internet OfThings And Connected Technology In Pest Control And Management

Rodents are a serious problem for households and businesses. One of the pest management solutions that pest control in Newcastle uses is mousetraps. The devices have not changed much over the years. However, technology has introduced sensors so that mouse trapscan be monitored from a remote location.

At the PestWorld Event, Bayer Digital Pest Management unveiled a new services platform that uses the power of Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Chris Pienaar, head of Bayer Digital Pest Management said that the platform offers an unparalleled combination of pest management experience in the industry and technology infrastructure to achieve a smarter way of doing business and gain competitive advantage.

The services platform has solutions that will leverage on the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected technologies that can automate workflows, collect and translate data into actionable insights and provide more transparency and space for new opportunities for growth. The first solution introduced by Bayer Digital Pest Management is the innovative Rodent Monitoring System.

The Rodent Monitoring System is designed for pest management professionals who are responsible for protecting people from the health and safety risks resulting from rodent activities. Traditional rodent traps are effective but the dead rodent may not be discovered for weeks until the trap is manually inspected. The pest control provider does not have any idea when the rodent was captured. When a rodent trap has sensors, the technician knows the root cause and can make plans to eliminate future infestations.

When the rodent traps are placed in hard-to-reach areas, monitoring can be difficult. With smart technology, an alert can be triggered that will immediately notify the pest control provider through email or text message that the trap has captured a rodent. Real time graphic floor plans will show status of all locations monitored so that time is not wasted in checking empty traps.

Different control strategies are implemented by pest control in Newcastle from the use of rodent traps and regular inspection of premises. There is a technique followed in trap placement and handling so that the desired effect will be achieved efficiently. All entry points are also blocked so that there is no way for rodents to enter the premises.

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