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Inventor Blames Taxman For Damaged Business And Reputation

An inventor recently introduced a shipping system that is under testing in B.C. ports but things started going south for him when the taxman meddled with his business. The worst part is that he was not able to get insurance against tax investigation which should have prevented him from now reaching a penniless state.

Now pleas are being submitted to give the inventor, David Elderfield, a break from all the tax assessments he has been going through. Unfortunately, these petitions are only set from one office to another in the state of Ottawa.

Elderfield said that he is now on the verge of being penniless and the ordeal has ruined his family life as well as his business. His reputation is now in tatters because of the tax demands that are hurled towards him and the accountant he hired for his financial matters.

The inventor even penned a letter to Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, to detail his plight. Due to a groundless decision, he lost everything. What he is most frustrated about is that the agency did not charge him in court with criminal tax evasion in order to have the chance to defend his side.

Despite this, he did not stop fighting and the Canada Revenue Agency continued to up his debt which is now almost $500,000. This accusations came a long time after he introduced a new system that has the capacity to monitor humans and goods that go through the ports of Canada and internationally.

No one and not a single agency is willing to share publicly regarding the status of Elder field’s case because of the stipulations included in the Income Tax Act regarding privacy. The only thing that the government, the revenue office and the office of the prime minister is doing is to push the paperwork from one office to another.

His accountant is now claiming that his client is almost bankrupt when he should be revelling with success through his invention which is very relevant to the shipping industry. This saga continues and served as a warning to get insurance against tax investigation in order to avoid finding oneself in the midst of bankruptcy.

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