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Jackson Hole Economic Symposium 2018 Starts

One of the most awaited happenings by many conference and event management companies is the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium happening every year in the remote state of Wyoming. The event is known as the elite summer camp which is open for central bankers and economists all over the globe. This year’s theme is about Changing Market Structure and Implications for Monetary Policy and these issues are going to be tackled in the ski mountain resort.

The host of the event is none other than the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City which is one of the twelve outposts of the central bank of the United States located in the city area. The main goal of the annual event is for central bankers from different parts of the globe to network in one place so they can talk about the biggest problems that are currently happening in the global economy.

The very first symposium occurred in the 80s in Jackson Hole which was organized for Paul Volcker, the Fed chairman of that time, to drag him from his office in Washington, DC. Since then, the focus of the event changes annually. The theme last year was Fostering a Dynamic Global Economy.

The event is a big opportunity for monetary policymakers from around the world to come together and discuss the current issues of the economy without having to worry about the political side of things as they are outside of their work environment.

This does not mean that the event does not have any major impact to the economy because this is a platform for leading bankers to make speeches as well as indicate if there are any forthcoming changes in the policy.

Jerome Powell, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve and considered to be the earth’s most influential central banker, will be attending the conference for the first time. This is a good chance to be seen in a new perspective as he is the subject of President Trump’s criticism because he does not back down in his belief that interest rates should be hiked. With many things to look forward to, conference and event management companies are already waiting for news regarding the event and the discussions that could lead to major impact in the economy.

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