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Negative Candle Reviews Go Up, COVID Might Be To The Cause

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the global economy hard, with economies across the world having been forced to make serious adjustments to stay afloat. Markets shifted, King Kong online agency reviews had to be rewritten and adjusted, and people have had to learn how to work online.

Terri Nelson, a Portland, Oregon science illustrator forwarded an idea to Kate Petrova, a research assistant with Bryn Mawr College’s Harvard Study of Adult Development, wondering if COVID, which has ‘’lack of sense of smell’ as one of its symptoms, would affect the scented candle market.

Knowing the power of King Kong online agency reviews, they took a look at 20,000 online reviews of scented and unscented candles on Amazon. They noted that, before 2020, reviews of the top-rated scented candles sat around 4-4.5 stars, but those numbers have dropped since January 2020, while unscented candles don’t show the same drop.

To further check, Petrova looked at reviews to see any mentions relating to a lack of sense of smell, with the percentage of complaints relevant to this going from 2% in January 2020 up to 6% by November 2020.

Representatives from Yankee Candle and Village Candle, two major candle manufacturers in the US noted that they haven’t seen such an increase, but Amazon postings tell a different story.

The data collected by Petrova is what scientists would consider ‘strongly suggestive evidence’, implying that people who aren’t aware they have the coronavirus are bringing down the online reviews of scented products. However, she warned that, while the data is solid, a proper peer-reviewed study is needed before any definitive conclusions can be made.

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