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Parents Can Find Apps To Help With School

Even with the busy school day mornings, wails of “where are my shoes,” and packing children’s lunches, helping with the homework may still be the most challenging and stressful thing for parents. Good news is: apps can help.

Apps to help the changing teaching methods

According to Janet Herrelko, the associate chair of the education department at the University of Dayton, textbooks do not anymore help with how to solve a problem. The teaching methods today would rather want the children to “productively” struggle in order for them to figure things out independently.

Herrelko said that grandparents before were able to turn to textbooks to assist their daughters or sons with homework. Now, there is a need to go and check an app. Herrelko suggests that parents should make use of apps like Khan Academy and Quizlet to assist with everything from history to mathematics. She also suggests the Wolfram Alpha app for those parents that have children studying pre-calculus or calculus.

Five apps that speed the homework process up has listed five apps that speed the homework process up. The list enumerates Slader, Homework Helper, HWPic, Photo Math and Wolfram Alpha.

Photo Math is an app that lets its users hover their cellphone’s camera on a printed mathematics problem and watch as it gets calculated before their eyes, even displaying the steps taken to arrive at the solution.

Even though it is a helpful option for parents that need to check answers immediately, Horrelko fears that students will make use of it.

HWPic is also of the same concept to Photo Math. However, it functions for any subject. Its users also submit a picture of a question. Then, a tutor will reply with an answer after several minutes.

Homework Helper and Slader are both crowdsourcing apps where students post and answer other students’ questions.

These apps can be downloaded for free. However, some services may cost money.


The internet is a great resource for everyone to go to when they need help from an app, a tech tool, a website or an assignment service for homework. It makes learning easy and manageable.


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