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Simple Tips for First Time Bike Owners To Help them Maintain The Bike

Proper care and regular maintenance is essential to keep your Honda bikes in good condition and to extend their durability. First time bike owners are always confused and do not have proper information about how to take care of their motorcycles. Here are some tips to help you keep your Motorbikes in good condition for long term.

  • The first step in the maintenance of Honda motorbike is to clean it regularly. Dust and debris tend to collect on the motorcycle, due to exposure to elements. It is advisable to clean the bike regularly using good quality cleaning products in order to maintain the exterior look of the motorcycle. Use manufacturer approved polish or wax on the bike after every wash in order to maintain the shine of the original paint and metal.
  • The next step in Honda motorbike maintenance, is to check the tyre pressure regularly. Maintaining optimum air pressure improves the quality of the ride and also safety. Uneven tyre pressure increases friction and leads to excess depreciation of the tyres. Check the tyre pressure at least once a week and before you take the bike on a long drive.
  • It is always advisable to park your Honda motorbike in shaded or covered area. Constant exposure to harsh sunlight and dust tends to damage the parts of the motorcycle and also dulls the exterior shine. Protect the motorcycle with a waterproof cover during rainy season.
  • Inspecting and replacing engine oil is essential to maintain the health of the engine. Engine oil tends to get dirty and thicker due to the build-up of carbon. Dirty engine oil damages the functioning of the engine and leads to decrease in its fuel efficiency.
  • Engine is like the heart of the motorcycle. A healthy engine increases the lifespan of the motorcycle and also improves its performance. It is important to check the carburettor and spark plug of the bike regularly and carryon any repairs whenever needed.
  • Regular inspection and servicing plays an important role in the maintenance of the motorcycle. Always follow the service schedule provided by the Honda motorbike dealer to keep your bike in good working condition. Regular inspection helps to find out any problems in the engine, transmission system or other important parts of the motorcycle and to deal with them in an early stage.

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