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Sydney Mom Of Four Throws A Lavish First Birthday Celebration For Her Daughter

Rochelle Vukelic, a 32-year-old mother of four in Sydney decided to throw her daughter Lola her first birthday party that she’ll never forget. She has always enjoyed throwing extravagant parties for her kids—three girls and a boy—and her youngest is no exception.

The party was themed summer garden/unicorn, celebrated under a kid’s marquee hire in Sydney. The birthday girl had a lavish pastel drapery, ponies, water colour cake, flower installations, and personalised lunch boxes.

How did she do it?

 She hired a team of experts for her girl’s big day. Diving Events, marquee hire in Sydney, provided a children’s marquee, while Decorative Events styled the celebration. Seed Flora provided the flower installation, while the Blonde Butler took care of the catering.

Lola even enjoyed her birthday with a giant unicorn, and Shetland ponies dressed up as unicorns as well. An Elsa entertainer and Ben and Ashley from Pinnacle Entertainment were present as well to keep the Lola and her guests entertained.

Rachel K Photography documented the whole celebration.

What’s her secret?

 Ms. Vukelic says the secret is to start planning early. She says that a solid theme is important, as well as getting ideas from Etsy for other details. Furthermore, the timing of the child’s birthday must be considered as well. She has a child born near Christmas time, so she needed to book an events organizer ahead of time, as other people would also book for such services for other parties.

She is also a firm believer that an amazing event can be organised even on a budget. She was fortunate enough to have a home that is great for entertaining guests and hosting parties, but she also recommends getting a licensed venue if possible.

Enlisting help from different companies is also an option, but it is important to provide them with a mood board so that everyone is on the same page on how the celebration would look and proceed.

Personalised food boxes are also one of her recommendations. Some children may have food allergies or special dietary needs, so a personalised food box would make it easier for them to get the food that they can safely enjoy. It is also an easy all in one option for kids.

Her final piece of advce is to hire a photographer, or ask a family member of friend to document the event. “You want to enjoy the day you have put so much effort into for your little munchkin,” she adds.

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