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Tech Giants And Social Networks Oppose EU’s Copyright Directive

One of the most common reasons why the internet is very important to electrician in Wynnum is online visibility. Since most consumers search the internet for service providers, it is important to have online presence to appear in Google search. Electricians usually benefit from organic search results for queries that include “electricians”, “electrical installation”, “electrical repairs” and more.

However, the European Union’s Copyright Directive is expected to dramatically change how people consume news and online content. The directive is originally intended to make sure that creators and news organizations are compensated fairly for their work; however, it will make it more difficult to find quality news online. Financial and technical roadblocks will limit smaller online publishers and creators not to mention the effects on free speech and internet culture.

If the directive is passed as-is, there will be a major change in the balance of power for online copyright. The ripples that will be created by the directive in the EU will most likely be felt outside its borders particularly in areas that include major news coverage and the silly memes on Twitter and Facebook.

While the directive is being supported by publishing giants in the EU, major record labels and musicians like Paul McCartney, tech giants, social networks and online content creators are greatly opposed to the directive. Article 11 of the directive will require online news aggregators that include Google, Facebook and Twitter to pay licensing fees to news organizations whenever some snippets are shown during coverage.

The goal of the directive is to see to it that cash-strapped news publishers are compensated for portions of articles used in places like Google News. Usually, you will find an image or a short summary beside the headline. This is based on the argument from big publishers that Google and other sites are monetizing on their content when snippets or links are shown on the platform.

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