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The Healthier Way To Shed Off Holiday Fats – Lose Weight This New Year With HCG

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women that, when taken as HCG drops and paired with the proper diet, assists in losing weight fast. There are far too many programs for weight loss surfacing this past few years, a handful of them works and most of them are just empty promises. And to the programs that have worked, another controversy is thrown, is it safe? And more so, does it keep the excess weight that was lost, gone?

The HCG drops and diet program is well recognized and received reputable acclaim due to the proven safety of the program and tremendous success in the weight loss field. The average weight lost among hundreds of people who took part in the HCG weight loss program is one pound per day and the more serious ones in thoroughly following the process lost up to two pounds per day. With continuous use of the HCG drops and the diet program, it can safely let you lose weight of up to 200 pounds. HCG diet program does not only literally let you lose weight, but make you fit. Regardless of how you started, even if just right after the holidays when you may have pigged out too much. The entire objective of the program is to introduce you to a fit lifestyle and keep you fit by continuing it. That way you enjoy your new body and a new lifestyle with more confidence and self-esteem.

For a preview of the HCG diet program, the drops with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone are taken to assist with the delegation of fat in the body as energy and not just remain stored. The rest of the program requires you to eat a strict diet of select fruits, vegetables and lean meat cooked in a specific and healthy way. It is also in compliance with the natural process of the body, encouraging you to eat when you are hungry and not starve yourself. Without interfering with the natural routine of your body to eat, paired with eating the right kind of food and HCG triggering the body to use stored fat as energy, the body effectively loses weight very fast. By fast, it means that the program lets your body use mainly the fats on your body for the energy required for you to get thru the day, typically around 3,000 calories which translate to one pound each day.

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