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The Ill-Conceived Right To Be Forgotten

The location of a hotel is very important when choosing accommodations because it will be more convenient to access a multitude of attractions. Whether you are travelling to Bangkok for business or leisure, your best option is a hotel in Ploenchit that is situated in the heart of the city. The hotel is also a perfect location for meetings and conferences because of the standard up-to-date amenities.

Meanwhile, the European Union’s highest court is expected to rule on one of the most controversial topics regarding the internet – the right to be forgotten. This right that is already entrenched in the privacy law allows Europeans to demand for outdated, irrelevant and excessive information to be removed from online search results. The case in question can be traced back to the dispute between Google and French regulators in 2015 that ordered Google to respect the right on all its sites.

Google has objected including most of the tech industry, civil society and the EU itself. If the right to be forgotten is extended, it can threaten free speech, encumber private companies and intrude on sovereignty not to mention the looming risks.

To begin with, the right to be forgotten is ill conceived because censuring lawful and factual information is questionable on principle and erroneous as a method of protecting privacy. Furthermore, the right is also a substantial imposition. Each request has to be evaluated by individuals to determine whether it is reasonable or if the information has to be kept for the sake of public interest. The process of evaluation for every request will take days.

Google obviously has no aptitude to make judgment calls. Countries also have different requirements on how to balance privacy and free speech. France, Germany and the UK have generated 51% of delisting requests while Greeks are not particularly concerned in asserting their rights. In the United States, enforcing the right is considered unconstitutional.

The internet works splendidly in Thailand. In fact, the hotel in Ploenchit allows travellers to stay connected with the rest of the world through its in-room internet. However, why bother with online connections when there are so many attractive destinations that you can enjoy?

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