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The Role Of Technology In Successful Cross-Border Trade

Current challenges in cross-border trade in North America have been amplified by the coronavirus pandemic. It now goes beyond ensuring that goods arrive at their final destination on time. Aside from identifying the fastest and most efficient transport that will get cargo from Point A to Point B, the safety of transportation workers has to be prioritized.

According to Michael Ford, vice president of Government and Industry Affairs at BDP, trucking companies have to ensure that their drivers are healthy enough to deliver products and perform their tasks. Cross-border trade has become more critical than ever. Everything must be properly coordinated, communicated, and set up.

Each region has a unique set of barriers from customs to short and long-haul planning times. Cross-border transport between the US and Canada is different from cross-border transport between the US and Mexico. There are more variables that require streamlined coordination right from the start.

With trade lines starting to open and processing time becoming more improved, all that customs need to do is to make sure that the right cargo is passing through and that everything is properly secured. Technology is now part of the bigger picture. Because of the pandemic, technology is no longer just an afterthought; it is a requirement for the continuance of operations.

Before the pandemic, truck drivers had to pull over at the border, get out of the cab and hand over the required paperwork. A paperless experience has been made possible through technology. Aside from reducing personal interactions, paperless transactions have speeded up everything. Another option is blockchain technology that can be used to prove that the goods being transported are quality under the USMCA agreement.

Even after the pandemic is over, a streamlined collaboration between the carrier, custom house-broker, the government, and all others will pave the way for a successful cross-border trade. Success can happen when information is collected and shared in advance.

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