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The Snafu Of Internet-Connected Door Locks

How safe is your home? Are the locks in your doors secure? If not, contact a trustworthy locksmith in Brisbane to improve the door lock security. Home security lock upgrades are very crucial particularly if there has been an increase in crimes and burglaries in your area. You certainly do not want to be on the list of victims.

It never hurts to be proactive when it comes to home security. For protection, locksmiths can add deadbolts at the entrance doors. The deadbolts cannot be manipulated by burglars because of the unique locking device built into the bolt. There are other options like the magnetic lock and the internet-connected door locks.

However, last Sunday, Google cloud services went down without warning for several hours. Affected users were not able to access YouTube, Gmail accounts and in some cases, their homes. Nest which is a brand of Google LLC produces internet-connected thermostats, security cameras and door locks.

Nest’s smart door lock is called the Nest X Yale Locks that is claimed to provide unparalleled security and convenience for homeowners. However, this claim was proven wrong last Sunday. According to a user, she cannot use the Nest lock to allow her guests inside the home because its infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud.

Online comments assumed that smart door locks lack the physical-key-fail-safe that can be used in cases of emergency. The truth is the lock worked fine during cloud outage but it was affected by the paired app. Users of Nest X Yale Locks were able to access their homes by inputting existing pass codes on the lock’s numerical keypad.

People who were locked out did not have pass codes, forgot them or failed to pass the code to other members of the family. It is easy for people to mock internet-connected devices whenever there is a snafu.

The most common reason why homeowners call the locksmith in Brisbane is they lost the keys or forgot the pass code. In such situations, the locksmith will unlock the door without damaging it something that an ordinary person cannot do. The locksmith can also open the car door when you lock yourself out of the car.

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