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The Tough Call Of Blocking Ads Or Not

Most consumers are now faced with a philosophical dilemma whether to block ads or not block ads on their mobile devices. This surfaced when Apple added a support to companies that block ads to its operating system some weeks ago.

The advantages of having ad block software are quite obvious. The consumers can eliminate the clutter brought about by advertisements and promotions while at the same time eradicating the data intensive ads which could be the key in delivering fast web page load times and in saving the batteries of devices. Developers of the ad block program say that it also encourages publishers to create better advertisements which are not taxing when loaded on mobile gadgets. Mr. Murphy, the developer of ad-blocking application Crystal, said that their program created will improve the way websites will handle advertising issues.

Tech Fix

The tech fix is a feature which is research driven and is aimed in solving daily problems which are related to consumer technology. Going back to the issue on the problem with advertisements, media companies as well as other websites are supported by different online advertisements. So it will follow that if you get rid of these promotional advertisements, you will be killing the business model of the publishers and then lose access to various contents.

The general manager of Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab said that when the economic engine will be threatened, the small local news publishers as well as the small publishers will have a difficult time sustaining their online content. Another debatable issue is on whether the ad blockers themselves are beneficial to the mobile devices of consumers in the first place.

The benefits of ad blockers seemed obvious when different websites were loaded. Home pages on the average measured around 19 megabytes and when the advertisements were removed, it loaded even much faster.

When creating a website like one that will retail Auction Sniper software you need to consider some advertisements also in order to have a steady stream of revenue. The dilemma now lies in the hands of the users whether to block these or not.

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