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Two High School Students Built New Tutors App For Students In Need

Oftentimes, college entrepreneurs get featured in various news sites for creating something remarkable that people can find useful. This time, however, two high school seniors from LA have done something to deserve the spotlight.

Dillon Rosenblatt and Tyler Makhani, best friends and high school seniors, have recently built an app that would help parents and students find effective tutors. The app that they have created is called Tutors and it is a mobile platform for on-demand tutoring. The Tutors app have recently gone live and is now helping various students and parents find tutors that are roughly 70-90 percent cheaper than most offerings.

According to Rosenblatt, he and Makhani were actually surprised that there wasn’t an effective solution for students who are in need of tutoring that is relevant to the current time and age, this also coming from the tech-savvy “Uber generation.” However, with their new Tutors app, students would be able to seamlessly scroll through a list of hundreds of qualified tutors that are nearby. All the tutors featured and listed on the app have already been deemed qualified through a series of background checks. The new app will also enable students to set up a session from their tutor of choice.

Rosenblatt also said that because of the large growth and popularity of other on-demand services from major industries, it comes as no surprise that tutoring will follow the online craze.

Tutors app is not the first of its kind. In fact, there are numerous other platforms that a person can use to find a tutor. However, Rosenblatt and Makhani both believe that these platforms lack flexibility. Sure these platforms are price-sensitive but most of them, if not all, aren’t time sensitive which is important. Because of this reason, it was practically impossible to find a tutor who can meet your time and schedule.

The idea for the app came when these two young men were vacationing along with Rosenblatt’s family. They had just finished another semester and were discussing how difficult it was to find a tutor in LA. That is when they had decided to work on Tutors app and now they are planning to expand nationwide.

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