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Union Recommending Assessment Of Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaning products are used by office cleaning services in Sydney but what happens if these products are found out to be harmful to human health? According to a union responsible for the welfare of cleaning staff known as GMB, it is recommended that the employers together with the government should perform an inspection on the products utilized by the cleaners.

The recommendation came after the study conducted by a University of Bergen’s researchers. The university is based in Norway and the team found out that if a person is always using cleaning products then there is a higher risk for lung problems. Another main point from the study is that the effect is more visible on women compared to men.

After the study was concluded, the Norway team concluded that cleaning chemicals are actually not necessary because water alone damped on microfiber cloths is a good enough cleaning tool majority of the tie. UK experts added that homeowners should make sure that their residential and commercial properties have proper ventilation. It is also best to use liquid cleaners and to avoid sprays.

In 2016, United Kingdom saw 427,000 individuals were hired as cleaners and these are the same people that could suffer from the bad effects. These people are responsible for cleaning the interior of a building, exterior of a building, specialized cleaning, cleaning roads as well as sea tankers and industrial machineries. The figure also includes individuals that can perform extermination and disinfecting machines, buildings, cleaning bottles, sweeping the streets and removing ice and snow.

The number of cleaners hired in South East reached 64,000 and a big chunk of them are working in Wokingham with a total of 4,500 professional cleaners. There are 3,000 cleaners in Wycombe, 2,500 each in Southampton and Sevenoaks while West Berkshie and Dartford employed 2,250 cleaners.

The secretary of GMB, Paul Maloney, said that they give the highest priority to the health of the cleaners as well as their safety. The employees are in authority to make sure they do not put themselves into risks. Therefore, it follows that employers of workers conducing office cleaning services in Sydney should also do the same assessment.

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