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Why Internet Companies Cannot Be Held Responsible For Their Content 

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More than two decades ago, members of Congress struggled to build a legal framework around the young consumer internet. The lawmakers struggled in envisioning how the technology will work. One of the biggest concerns was pornography and there were fears that sexual images will be available to children who will use the internet.

However, the internet turned out to be a user-generated mirror of the best and the worst family photographs, pet videos, unsolicited advices and stories of both successes and setbacks. But recently, the mirror had a tendency to distort and magnify. The internet became the host to misinformation, conspiracies, hate speeches, terrorist propagandas and shameful foreign meddling.

In Jeff Kosseff’s book “The 26 Words that created the Internet” Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1996 must be thanked because it provides protection to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from the legal liability arising from materials that have been posted by third parties. These platforms with business models depending on user content won’t prosper and may not even exist if they will be sued for a defamatory statements posted by users.

A lot of media attention was generated by the decency act which is part of the larger telecommunications overhaul because it seeks to criminalize the transmission of indecent material online. There is now an intense debate on whether Congress could hold internet companies liable for 3rd party speech that harms individuals and society as a whole. Lawsuits are being filed by individuals whose careers, businesses and lives have been ruined by something posted on the Web.

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